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These are the standing committees of the Cypress- Ranch FFA Chapter. Each committee is chaired or co-chaired by the chapter officers. Other committee members are to make up the chapter members. Commitees are to have a minimum of three members per committee and of five voting members. Committees are to meet at least once a month and submit a report at each meeting. Special committees will be appointed as necessary.

If you would like to participate on a committee please contact one of the officers that is in charge of the committee. Remember in order to receive your Lonestar you must be an officer or participate on a committee. 

SAEP committee- Committee Chairs: Megan Lyons, Melvin Oestreich
The purpose of the SAEP committee is to inform all FFA members about the various animal projects that are available to them. The committee is also charged with informing the students about prospect shows, clinics (i.e. fitting, showmanship, and selection), and important dates for our local show. The committee is also responsible for compiling lists of materials needed for the show and making those available to all members. Finally, this committee will assist members with their record books following the completion of their SAEPs.

Special Functions Committee- Committee Chairs: Lauren Jordan, Lauren Osborne, Courtney Redmon
The purpose of this committee is to assist in organizing Conventions plans and special functions (i.e. banquets, dances ect.). This committee will also assist in the planning and preparation of our leadership camp. They are to keep the chapter informed about dates of all chapter functions and also those functions we are invited to attend. This committee is also responsible for reviewing fundraising possibilities and facilitating all fundraisers.
A. Banquet Committe- a sub committee of the Special Functions
Committee used for all planning and preparation of the year end banquet.

Public Relations and Leadership Committee- Committee Chairs: Ashley Wilson, Micala Baskin
The purpose of this committee is to notify the public of chapter events. They are also responsible for recruitment of members (especially freshmen). They are to develop materials for recruitment and give presentations when ever possible to encourage enrollment in Ag Science courses and FFA membership. They are to keep the chapter in the spotlight. They are also responsible for coordinating Jr. FFA events and clinics. In addition; the purpose of this committee is to keep the chapter informed about the various leadership camps and contests taking place throughout our district and area. The committee is responsible for making sure the chapter is aware of all leadership camp dates, locations and times. The members of this committee will have an active roll in the planning of our chapter leadership camp. The committee is also charged with assisting with the training of LDE teams and providing before and after information on all contests.

Community Service Committee- Committee Chairs: Courtney Redmon, Lauren Osborne
The purpose of the community service committee will be to coordinate community service project(s). They are responsible for researching and planning events. They are to keep the chapter informed of all scheduled events.

Scrapbook Committee- Committee Chairs: Lauren Jordan, Courtney Redmon 
The purpose of the Scrapbook Comittee is to insure the completion of the yearly chapter scrapbook. This comittee is in charge of contacting members for any articles, pictures, and other memorabilia they would like to be placed in the scrapbook. The comittee is then in charge of putting the materials together in a scrapbook in a neat and timely manner.

Fundraising Committee- Committee Chairs: Megan Lyons, Micala Baskin
The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to present ideas and options for fundraising to members at meetings. Also, to organize and present dates to members, as well as help facilitate the fundraisers.


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