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Leadership Development Contest

Leadership Development Events focus on creating situations for members to demonstratetheir abilities in public speaking, decision making, communication andtheir knowledge of agriculture and the FFA organization. Team andindividual events are used to reinforce what is taught in agriculturalscience classrooms.

All LDE events have elimination rounds at the district and area before the statelevel competition.

Ag Issues- A team of 3 to 7 students research andanalyze a current agricultural issue, create a portfolio and also develop anddeliver a presentation that stresses both pros and cons of their selectedagricultural issue. At the event competition, members use verbal skills andpresentation abilities to defend their findings and answer judges’ questions.

ChapterConducting- Teams conduct a mockchapter meeting to demonstrate knowledge of basic parliamentary law and the useof correct parliamentary procedures.  At the conclusion of themeeting, team members are asked questions regarding parliamentary law.

There are both Greenhand and senior levels for this event.

Creed Speaking- A member presents the FFA Creed from memoryand answers questions about its meaning and purpose. This event is just one wayto boost self-confidence, earn recognition, and develop powerful, organized andprofessional communication skills.

There are both Greenhand and senior levels for this event.   

FFA Quiz- An exam testing knowledge of the Grays Guideto Parliamentary Procedure for FFA and FFA knowledge including history, facts,business structure, leadership and programs is given toindividuals.  Quiz teams can be made of 3 or 4 members.

There are both Greenhand and senior levels for this event.

FFA Radio- Ateam of 3 members presents an informative radio program covering one or moreagricultural subjects that is current in nature and local in content.  Thecontest assumes that the chapter has a regularly scheduled non-commercial radioprogram once each month over a local station.

Job Interview- At the competition, each member submits theirresume, completes a job application for an agricultural position on site andparticipates in an interview via telephone, in person one-on-one and with apanel of possible employers.     

Public Relations- A team of between two andfour FFA members develops and presents a 5-8 minute program to informa specified target audience regarding the Texas FFA and what itrepresents. The presentation is developed assuming that the targetaudience has no knowledge of the FFA.  Team members are askedquestions in response to their program following the presentation.

Skills- A team of 3-5 members performs an actualdemonstration of an agricultural skill including anything in the AgriculturalScience and Technology curriculum using effective public speaking andcommunication methods.


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